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Top 40 Premium Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Templates

social-mediaIf you’re running a business, overlooking the design of your Facebook fan page isn’t an option. You must have a clean visual presentation of your blog, product, business, etc. By having a beautiful profile and an engaging cover photo, you will stand out from the crowd. I know I constantly say this about everything, however design is essential for your businesses to succeed. Continue reading

20 Free and Beautiful HTML5 And CSS3 Website Templates

HTML5_Logo_512Today, almost all the website templates are created in HTML5/CSS3. The major reason behind this is that HTML5/CSS3 is easy to understand and designers use the same to create really beautiful designs and templates without wasting a lot of time, money and efforts. Another advantage of using HTML5/CSS3 is that most of the web browsers support these languages and they offer several amazing features to make the website design user-friendly.

There are numerous free html5/css3 templates available, but we have collected some beautiful free website templates for you all which can be downloaded easily. Hope you will like our collection. Continue reading

High-Quality Free Responsive WordPress Themes

wordpressWordPress is one of the great CMS (content management system) platforms for newbie bloggers to start their blog without spending the money. A stylish design blog always attracts more users and gives a great look and feel to your blog. There are many free and premium wordpress themes available on the Internet that can easily make your blog more stylish and users friendly. Today, we like to showcase some of the coolest responsive wordpress themes which are available for free. Continue reading

10 Awesome WordPress Lightbox Plugins

wordpress-pluginsWordPress lightbox plugins are a great way to show your images, videos and HTML content. They’re perfect for portfolios but they can be used for any type of websites.  Lightboxes are found on lots of websites these days as they’re elegant and represent a good way of emphasizing photos on your website.. Here are 10 plugins that we like. Do you have any other suggestions? Continue reading

15 Responsive Navigation jQuery Plugins

jquerylogo256For the most of us, the most difficult aspect of building a responsive layout is the planning and coding of the navigation. As there is no truly tried and tested universal solution, the style of the menu you use will depend on the type of site you are building.If it is a small site, a <select> drop-down menu or a basic “three line” toggle menu will probably be suffice. But if it is a larger site (an ecommerce store for example) that relies upon a mega-menu for navigation on its desktop version, then a drawer-style navigation or an animated side panel menu will most likely help you. Continue reading

40+ Responsive Grid WordPress Themes to Mobilize Your Website

wordpressWhile going through the development process for your website, there is an important element on which you need to focus – device friendliness of your website. As your visitors might be using another devices apart from desktops and laptops to access your website, also the current scenario says that more and more people are switching over to lightweight devices to perform their internet browsing activities. Using Smartphones and tablets help the viewers to stay connected and perform online activities while on the go. Continue reading

How To Build An Mobile App: 40 Great Tutorials

Whether you’re building an iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Facebook or cross-platform app, this superb selection of tutorials will help you on your way…

mobile_apps2In a world where smartphone use is rising exponentially, the opportunities to make a name for yourself – not to mention a ton of money – by turning your app idea into reality are huge. But where do you start?

Well firstly, if you’d like to start building an app for the Windows platform, we have a whole microsite for you! Created to tie in with the competition we recently ran, the Creative Bloq App Generator is packed full of introductory tutorials that will get you up and running and building Windows 8 apps in no time. Continue reading

New Trends in Web Design

artistic-web-designTrends and tendencies come and go, we all know that, it’s part of our industry’s business model. There’s the ever present need to come up with something different, to always adapt in order to keep the user’s attention. We see this in the car design industry, fashion industry and web. With the web, the most common factor in change is due to updates in technology and as it evolves more things become possible in terms of layout. In this post I want to share some examples of what it means to be a new trend. Continue reading

25 Inspirational Examples of Sports Website Designs

web-designSports, a word of many expressions! Sport is about challenge, energy, skills, control, dedication, spirit, and aside all that, enjoyment. Just like in action, sports products are design in the light of all these expression contained altogether. Same goes of their advertising and the same for their online marketing. Whether the purpose is selling or dedication, a sports website needs to say the word “Sport” loud and clear, which, by far, is not a piece of cake. Continue reading

15+ Top Choice Responsive Business WordPress Themes – Want A More Professional Look?

wordpress-pluginsThere are lots of themes available – some cost nothing to use, as well as some in paying for premium themes. But it is a lot to select even on the list of free themes. What’s so great about getting premium business theme gives you a chance to brand your site and different for the readers. This will be relevant when making a primary impact to the potential clients will even lead to coming back site visitors to your site, which implies more visitors and even, additional prospects plus more revenue on your business. Continue reading