The Magic is Here: Brand New Theme Magetique for Magento 2

The winter is a magical season. Even grown-ups believe in miracles these days. team has created a wonderful gift for all online store owners or startupers who wish to create their website. It’s a Magetique theme for Magento 2 that will make all your dreams come true.

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Magetique is an outstanding theme that combines cool design solutions, multiple page layouts, and powerful functionality. And all these components are perfectly reconciled, and help supporting the idea of the website. With Magetique, the entire process of website building turns into a wonderful process of working miracles.

The magic of design

Magetique is created in accordance with the latest website design tendencies. It includes lots of visual hooks to attract visitors and make them interested in your brand and products. But one of the main hooks of this template is its focus on user experience. Today all those bells and whistles can only distract users and irritate them. Magetique design is well-thought to attract users and gently guide them across the website.

Hero images can serve to promote goods and showcase the best offers of the store. Grid galleries below can be used to present the selected goods you would like to lay user’s attention to. Variety of fonts, icons and buttons help making any changes you like to hook the visitor and guide them through the website right to purchase.

Since the design is 100% responsive, you can easily adjust any element to have it fit your idea of a cool online store. Font icons used here, are a perfect solution for responsive design. They easily adapt to any size you set up and will look amazing even on smaller screens.

The wonder of layouts

One of the best things about Magetique – is its 5 pre-made layouts that you can use for online stores in various business niches, like fancy clothes store, furniture store or sports accessories outlet. Any of these layouts is a fully-functional template that you can use right after the installation (just add your products, of course). Note, that for now the package includes only fashion and furniture store templates. The other will be added to the theme a bit later.

5 header layouts add more variability to the design. You can combine them with any child theme of Magetique to choose the one that makes the best fit. Thus, you can set up experiments to see what header layout looks the best with what template and brings you more conversions.

4 footer templates are also made to help you find the best solution for your online store and make it look unique and user-friendly as well. Both, header and footer layouts come in two versions within the initial package. 3 more header layouts will appear in the nearest future, as well as two more footer templates will.

The power of functions

Magetique is stacked with features that provide your website with superpowers. You can customize and adjust the template to any extent. Let’s check out the most attention-worthy features you have inside this Magento 2 theme.

Mega menu. This is almost a must-have for any Magento template. Magetique features probably the most versatile menu ever. it can be tweaked with the use of images, icons, and banners. You can change the categories and subcategories as well.

Ajax-based catalog filter. Catalog filter is one of the most useful features of online store. It allows users to search products they need with the high level of accuracy. It helps them save time for finding and – the most important – buying the product on your website. With built-in Ajax-based catalog filter you can set up filters and shorten the way to purchase for your customers.

Ajax-powered Wishlist and Compare functions. Another two ajax-based features help your users to create their own Wish Lists and compare the similar products on your website. Wish list helps users to save the product they would like to buy from you. It helps to keep your clients and not to lose them in future. Compare function is a very handy feature that allows comparing product characteristics on the website to make a decision on which one to buy.

Featured products option. This option helps you adding selected products on various pages. It helps selling the products you wish to get rid of as well as promote some new goods.

That’s not all the features and functions you get with the new Magetique. In the nearest future the package will be update with more options including social sharing functionality, Product Labels feature, and Countdown Timer that will help you to perform cool sales on your website.

Magento 2

The Magetique theme is built on clean code that helps it to load fast and perform well across various devices. Not to mention that you get a lifetime 24/7 support for free with it. So you can be sure you get help anytime you need it. Make sure you’ll get your visitors fast with the help of a free ebook you can download below.

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