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3 Options for Creating Mobile Apps Without Coding

Creating Mobile AppsThere was a time when mobile application development was only for the elite programmer (i.e. people who knew the native platform language). With the dawn of hybrid mobile application technology, it was possible to create mobile applications using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Hybrid application development made it possible for non-mobile developers to get their hands dirty with mobile app development.

But what about those people who don’t have any prior programming knowledge? Can they make a mobile applications on their own? Continue reading

The 100 Best iPhone Apps of 2015

If you own an iPhone, you need apps. Here are 100 of the best apps you can download to make your life better.

iPhoneDo you need new iPhone apps? Are you tired of the same old same old? This list of the 100 best iPhone apps is designed to help you find new or new-to-you apps that will make life with your smartphone simply better.

Before you start downloading apps willy-nilly, make sure you’ve updated your operating system to the latest version (iOS 8.1.3 at the time of this writing). Updating your operating system will ensure that apps run smoothly and that you get all the latest features, you know, the things that make apps great.
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The 30 Best Free And Premium Photo Apps For Your iPhone, iPad and Android

mobile-cloud-computingWe select the best photo apps for iPhone, iPad and Android from cool cameras to photo editor tools.

Here is the definitive guide to the best photo apps around, covering iOS (that’s iPhone and iPad) and Android apps. Some you won’t have heard of, others you’ll be more familiar with. None are going to replace a DSLR and a couple of hours with a photo editor like Photoshop CC, but they’re all great at what they do… Continue reading

40+ Responsive Grid WordPress Themes to Mobilize Your Website

wordpressWhile going through the development process for your website, there is an important element on which you need to focus – device friendliness of your website. As your visitors might be using another devices apart from desktops and laptops to access your website, also the current scenario says that more and more people are switching over to lightweight devices to perform their internet browsing activities. Using Smartphones and tablets help the viewers to stay connected and perform online activities while on the go. Continue reading

How To Build An Mobile App: 40 Great Tutorials

Whether you’re building an iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Facebook or cross-platform app, this superb selection of tutorials will help you on your way…

mobile_apps2In a world where smartphone use is rising exponentially, the opportunities to make a name for yourself – not to mention a ton of money – by turning your app idea into reality are huge. But where do you start?

Well firstly, if you’d like to start building an app for the Windows platform, we have a whole microsite for you! Created to tie in with the competition we recently ran, the Creative Bloq App Generator is packed full of introductory tutorials that will get you up and running and building Windows 8 apps in no time. Continue reading