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eCommerce SEO: How to Maintain Rankings When Switching Platforms

Search Engine Optimization - eCommerce SEOWhen clients migrate to from one to another platform, one of the first questions they ask is, “How will my eCommerce SEO and search rankings be affected?” It’s a great question. Smart merchants know the importance of SEO in eCommerce, and we don’t want you to lose the rankings you’ve worked so hard for, so we’re putting together a two part series on SEO and platform migration. Continue reading

Avoid Website Design Mistakes And Increase Traffic From Google

When we talk about getting traffic from Google, most of us will know about Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO or short. Most folks who have some knowledge about SEO will know that content and links are two primary factors that influence how much traffic your site can get from Google.  However, website design also plays an important role. Indeed, most forget that the codes which the website design are written in are also crawled and indexed by Google. If your code is not properly structure to maximize the SEO effects, you will missing out on potential a lot more traffic than you currently have. Continue reading