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Top 20 Premium Real Estate Website Templates

6-HomeQuest-–-Real-Estate-HTML-ThemeEvery real estate company should have a very good online presentation website. It not only builds confidence in the business but it also converts your visitors into clients. Usability is very important in this business, so a user friendly website is essential. We’ve selected 20 real estate websites for you to choose from. If you’re looking for even more inspiration, you should check out these 10 Real Estate Website Templates. Continue reading

33 Web Design Trends in Café and Restaurant Website Layouts

04-drink-cafe-website-layout-designFood restaurants are a niche that has only recently filled in over the Internet. Back 10-20 years ago almost nobody who owned a restaurant was thinking of launching their own website. But nowadays it is basically foolish not to have a site online! Visitors can quickly skim your operating hours, menu choices, and location if looking to drop by for a purchase or quick meal.

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30 Health and Fitness Free Website Layouts for Design Inspiration

05-phive-wellness-website-homepageAs more people grow familiar using the Internet they expect to find websites for every modern company. These days it’s practically in the realm of lunacy to ignore the ever-growing popularity of digital information. Even some online contact information is better than nothing at all.

And when looking for design inspiration it’s crucial to pull various ideas from some of the best and most suitable websites online.

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20 Free and Beautiful HTML5 And CSS3 Website Templates

HTML5_Logo_512Today, almost all the website templates are created in HTML5/CSS3. The major reason behind this is that HTML5/CSS3 is easy to understand and designers use the same to create really beautiful designs and templates without wasting a lot of time, money and efforts. Another advantage of using HTML5/CSS3 is that most of the web browsers support these languages and they offer several amazing features to make the website design user-friendly.

There are numerous free html5/css3 templates available, but we have collected some beautiful free website templates for you all which can be downloaded easily. Hope you will like our collection. Continue reading