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20 Free Business Website Templates

Free Business Website TemplatesChoosing the right color combination for the business  website template to go with the business or corporation of your choice is important as well. Logo placement should be correct and should be in sync with the total website design. jQuery is pretty standard and used in modern websites with HTML5 standards. jQuery make the sliders, menus, photos with the help of HTML5, CSS3 to a new level which will make a long lasting appeal on the customer. Continue reading

Top 20 Premium Real Estate Website Templates

6-HomeQuest-–-Real-Estate-HTML-ThemeEvery real estate company should have a very good online presentation website. It not only builds confidence in the business but it also converts your visitors into clients. Usability is very important in this business, so a user friendly website is essential. We’ve selected 20 real estate websites for you to choose from. If you’re looking for even more inspiration, you should check out these 10 Real Estate Website Templates. Continue reading

50 High Quality Free HTML5 And CSS3 Web Templates

Restaurant-Website-TemplateGraphics designing is the most important part of any online business and to be very frank, it’s not that much easy to create some stunning web sites without having expertise in some particular fields. There are lots of websites who only suffer their business online due to poorly designed sites. Its only the website design which helps your real customers or visitors to understand about your products and if you are failing to make them understand what are you trying to sell them they will instantly leave your website without wasting a single second. All you need to have a proper design and layout to convince your customers that they are at the right place. Continue reading