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Top 10 WordPress Facebook Plugins

6-WordPress-Social-ShareYou can easily add Facebook to your blog or website by using a WordPress Facebook plugin. Facebook is one of the most important social sites and a good social media marketing strategy can do miracles to your business..
Check out these great WordPress Facebook plugins which will help you integrate Facebook into your website. Looking for more social media plugins? You should read this Social Sharing WordPress Plugins article. Continue reading

30 Helpful WordPress Plugins to Make Development Hassle-free

wordpress-toolsWe all know that developing a WordPress website is not as easy as it sounds; it requires special expertise and knowledge about this platform and its tools.

Not all the people have special expertise and knowledge about this feature-rich platform, so they can make use of different WordPress plugins that make their development task easy as well as hassle-free. Continue reading

50+ Best WordPress Slider Plugin Collection – Feature Content With Style!

wordpress-pluginsHaving a WordPress slider implemented into the top of a blog or website front page, category page etc., not only looks good, it also have a significant positive effect on conversion rates i.e. getting visitors to sign up, buy products and so on. This is also true for jQuery Carousel style scripts. In most professional themes for building WordPress business websites we see cool slider solutions already  included, but what if you have an existing WordPress website and want the benefits from a slider right now? Continue reading